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Private Placement of Debt and Equity

Usually an attractive alternative for growing companies, clients who choose this financing method, are guaranteed the expertise and confidentiality at First Global Financial Services Limited where we:

  • Assist with the preparation and development of private placement memorandums
  • Evaluate financial proposals
  • Recommend appropriate securities
  • Review financial documents and assist in the closing of the transaction
  • Assess company's capital needs.

Only high net worth individuals and institutional investors (such as pension funds, insurance companies) will participate in the instrument. In addition, there will be no public solicitation of investors to participate in your instrument. In opting for private placement, clients are assured that the process will not require an expensive and time consuming prospectus preparation process and the ongoing disclosures to the general public after issuance.

However, by offering debt or equity for sale to the public, your company can access a substantial source of corporate funding.

Requirements prior to FGFS' Internal Approval

  • Audited financials for the last 3 years
  • Interim financials for the quarter ended if more than three months have past since last audit accounts
  • Projected cash flows for up to one year
  • Statement of outstanding liabilities

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