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  1. Individuals
    1. Current valid identification (Passport, Driver’s License, National ID, Alien Registration Card for overseas residents)
    2. Tax Registration Number (TRN) or Social Security number or other tax registration number (as applicable in the country of residence) for persons resident overseas
    3. Address confirmation for each account holder (for example Current utility bill for client’s residence, site visit, recent statement from financial institution, rental agreement , title)
    4. Two references per account holder
    5. Source of funds
    6. General indemnities
  2. Minors (Joint Account Holders)
    1. The minor's birth certificate
    2. The minor’s passport; if the minor does not have a passport, the minor’s picture certified on the back of the picture by a Justice of the Peace or Notary Public
    3. The parent's/guardian’s signature on the application form where the joint holder should have signed (as the parent is signing on behalf of his/her child)
    4. Detailed information on the minor - full name, address & date of birth
  3. Corporate Bodies
    1. Certificate of Incorporation
    2. Articles of Association
    3. Memorandum of Association*
    4. Directors’ Resolution
    5. Current valid identification for all signatories
    6. Tax Registration Number (TRN) for all signatories
    7. TRN for the company
    8. Social Security number or other tax registration number for overseas companies
    9. Names and permanent residential addresses of principal owners (or shareholders), directors, beneficiaries, management officers and other signatories
      + If part of a group of companies, information on the ultimate beneficial owners/controllers of the company, ID's
    10. Description of customer’s main line of business and major suppliers (if available)
    11. Financial statement of the business or 12 months’ bank statements
    12. Group/corporate structure
    13. Source of funds
    14. Certificate of good standing /Certificate of continuation required from overseas companies
    15. General indemnities