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MUTUAL FUNDS :: CI Investments

CI Investments Inc. is a leading publicly Canadian-owned investment management company with over $50 billion in assets under management. CI Investments has the most five-star rated mutual funds as ranked by Morning star Canada.

Quick Facts about CI Funds :

  • Minimum Investment: USD 500.00 or CDN500.00; Minimum Subsequent Investment: 50.00 US$ OR 50.00CDN$
  • Thirty-eight (38) funds available for sale in Jamaica.
  • The funds are professionally managed and have the most five star funds rating by Morningstar.
  • There are 2 sales charge options offered:-
    • Initial
    • Deferred
  • Offers a high level of diversification which assists clients in achieving positive returns on their portfolio.
  • You may redeem your shares at anytime, depending on the purchase option. You may redeem 10% per annum under the deferred sales charge option.
  • FGFS offers clients a wire fee holiday on Tuesdays, US$20 Wire fee on other days.
  • Wire fee is not waived on Canadian Dollar Investments
  • The funds are valued at 4:00 p.m. daily.
  • Clients are allowed to transfer and convert his or her shares from one currency to another and stay invested in the same fund. (E.g. US$ to CDN$ or CND$ to US$)

To discuss your options or for further information, call us at 1-888-2-INVEST or email us at