A stock exchange is a corporation which provides "trading" facilities for stock brokers and traders, to trade stocks and other securities.

Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) -

The Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) itself, began operations in February 1969 with one of its roles being to promote the development of a vibrant capital market and to ensure orderly trading in listed securities, that is stocks, shares or bonds that are traded on a stock exchange.

The Jamaican stock market is a vital link between companies needing capital and Jamaicans with money to invest. Through investments in stocks, investors become part owners of the companies of their choice and are able to participate in the companies’ growth and development.

Trinidad & Tobago Stock Exchange (TTSE) -

The establishment of the Stock Exchange under the provisions of the Securities Industry Act 1981 was a natural extension of the policy to formalise the securities market in Trinidad and Tobago. This Act was proclaimed on the 23rd October, 1981 and the Stock Exchange was formally opened on the 26th October, 1981 under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance.

The Stock Exchange is the nation's centralized market place for buying and selling stocks. In addition to increasing the investment options available to individuals, it also provides a mechanism through which companies can raise capital for expansion purposes by selling and issuing securities (stocks and bonds).

Barbados Stock Exhange (BSE) -

The Barbados Stock Exchange (BSE) is an association of Member-Brokers, operating a Central Marketplace for trading securities.

The original trading facility, the Securities Exchange of Barbados(SEB), was established in 1987, under the Securities Exchange Act, Cap 318A, of 1982. The BSE was re-incorporated on August 2, 2001 simultaneously with the enactment of the Securities Act 2001 -13, which repealed and replaced the original Act of 1982. However, the BSE remains a privately owned (by its Members), non-profit organization.

Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange (ECSE) -

The ECSE is a regional securities market established by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank and licensed under the Securities Act of 2001- a uniform regional body of legislation governing securities market activities.